About this Website

This website was initially created as a gift to my wife who, after we first moved to Carp, often found it difficult to find information online about services and venues in and around the village. By making this website public, the intent is to provide to Carp residents and visitors to Carp a single, central source for information about the village as well as to make available an extensive collection of links to websites for attractions, services, and facilities in and about the village of Carp. This is a strictly not-for-profit, altruistic activity free of advertising. We will try to include any information that is of specific interest to the community of Carp and its surroundings.
If you are linked within this site but would prefer that your link information or icon be changed (or removed), just contact the webmaster. If you are not linked within this site but would like to be considered for this, again just contact the webmaster with specific details about your business/event/service.
By the very nature of this kind of website, it is never entirely finished since links get broken, businesses come and go, and new photos need to be added. Please contact the webmaster if you find errors or omissions in the website. Every effort is made to keep this site accurate and up-to-date.
This website was first launched into the public domain on July 5, 2012.
This website was re-launched in March, 2017, using a fully responsive template.